Understanding the use of Natural Balance Principles

Understanding the use of Natural Balance Principles

Natural Balance principles and guidelines for hoof care are tools that farriers can use on a daily basis that are complimentary to good, conventional trimming and shoeing practices.
Natural Balance guidelines can aid farriers in evaluating and treating various types of feet, healthy and pathologic.
The latest scientific and practical information that has evolved overthe last 15 years, as well as sound practices revisited from the past,serve as the basis for the Natural Balance hoof trimming and shoeingguidelines.
Although studies of feral horse hoof patterns and anatomy were theoriginal catalyst in the development of Natural Balance, continualresearch and studies are ongoing with emphasis on where the domestichorse fits in with the feral horse information, and visa versa.

It has become clear that the principles of Natural Balance offerinformation that will simplify many issues that pertain tolateral/medial hoof balance, anterior/posterior hoof balance, as wellas establishing a reliable formula for detecting and treating hoofdeformities and distortions before they affect the performance andsoundness of horses.
Does my horse need Natural Balance because he or she is not lame?
This is the most common question that I am asked. There are some earlyindicators that may be important for our assessment of pre lamenessconditions.
Does my equine have a slight heel first landing? It is essential forsound equines to achieve a slight heel first landing. Equines that landeither flat or toe first are considered to be lame at sub clinicallevel. Does my equine stumble or trip? Does my equine over reach or interfere with its self? Does my equine suffer from the following conditions? Hock pain, tight hamstrings, suspensory injuries or strains, sacroiliacpain, general back pain, sore shins or tendon injuries or strains. If your equine suffers from any of the above conditions then NaturalBalance may form a part of either a treatment program or cure to theproblems confronting the soundness of your equine.
If you are an existing client of my practice and one of your equines isexperiencing one or more of the above symptoms, please inform me priorto my next scheduled visit so I can schedule enough time to assist youin making choices or forming a treatment plan for your equine.

To continue your further understanding of Natural Balance and how itcan be used as an aid to increase the performance or soundness of yourequines, visit the world NB web site;- (thereis a link from this site)
Other sources of information relating to NB principles contact the TFP Ltd office Tel; 01403 791000;-
New Hope for Soundness. A book written by Gene Ovnicek MJF.





The Farriery Practice would like to thank everyone who attended our clients evening held in March. The evening was based on lower limb anatomy of the horse. It was a great success, filling the forge at Bridge House Equestrian Centre.

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