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Mike Williams’ earliest memory is putting an anvil into his brother’s van. Today that same anvil has pride of place at The Farriery Practice where he trains apprentices himself. He also trains staff working in his business - Total Foot Protection Ltd - selling horse shoes and hoofcare products.

Mike says that without training the industry has no future. Highly skilled staff get more from the job and boost a company’s reputation.

In 1990 Mike joined two others to form The Farriery Practice, and then opened a farrier’s shop called Total Foot Protection which employs a manager and two warehousemen.



Sarah Gulland

 Since starting to use Mike as my trimmer/farrier, I have been extremely impressed by his in depth knowledge and excellent workmanship. He is always kind and considerate towards my horses, working very quietly around them and never becoming angry or frustrated.



Alex Hempleman

Golden heart jumping in the main ring at Hickstead. 

Mike Williams of The Farriery Practice has done a fantastic job shoeing for professional show jumper Alex Hempleman Equestrian over the past 7 years.

Mike does a great job shoeing every horse individually, with great attention to detail. He advises and explains how every horse is different; he is passionate about his work and produces a superb outcome. Always calm and patient with the horses Mike has the ability to work through problems and achieve the result he aspires to. Shoeing is of great importance to our sport as without correct shoeing we would struggle to complete and achieve our objectives, we would not be able to fulfil our business potential.




The Farriery Practice would like to thank everyone who attended our clients evening held in March. The evening was based on lower limb anatomy of the horse. It was a great success, filling the forge at Bridge House Equestrian Centre.

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Founded in 1990 by Mark Spriggs, Dave Nicholls and Mike Williams The Farriery Practice has grown into a successful Partnership of six Farriers who all strive to provide the best in service and knowledge.

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